Health Benefits

Teatopia believes that within every human body there is a pharmacy. 

Our aim is to help consumers leverage the pharmacy within them through healthy, mindful and affordable food and beverage choices. 

Since immemorial times the benefits of Tea have been widely used across the globe for health and wellness benefits. Teatopia, presents these products in simple easy to understand collection's of tea variants.

Offering a wide range of Loose Leaf tea's, we ensure the best quality organic, preservative free, caffeine free, ethically and sustainably farmed tea collections made with unique blends and variants from authentic origins.

Not only are our tea's 100% organic, caffeine free, ethically and sustainably farmed then studiously hand picked and dried, they boast many homeopathic and naturopathic properties. The thousands of health benefits of each tea variant can be researched.

Our Collections, of Herbal Tea's, Green Tea's, White Tea's, Black Tea's, Pur-eh Tea's, Oohlong Tea's, as well as a range of Gift packs, Blooming flower pods  offer enhanced refreshment and relaxation, infused with added health benefits.