Presenting the Opulence of the past

Since immemorial times the benefits of Tea have been widely used across the globe. Teatopia offers a wide range of Loose Leaf Tea collections offering enhanced refreshment and relaxation with beneficial health benefits.

Try Teatopia's herbal infused Tea collections for refreshment, relaxation, vitality and overall health benefits.

Shop our Loose Leaf Tea Collections using our helpful filter tool. 

You can filter by Tea Variants, Tea Collections, or hundreds of health benefits to find the tea's best suited to your desired taste, health, and lifestyle needs.


Our collections include:

An invigorating dried fruit collection with fruit melange mixes, 

A floral collection of fragrant dehydrated botanicals,  

An exotic spice tea collection, 

A black tea collection infused with mint and other flavours, 

A Pu-er tea collection,  

An Oolong tea collection,

Tea-ware, Accessories and other specialties such as

Blossoming flowers and gift sets.