Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well Green Tea

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Dragon Well Green tea - 75g

Health Benefits: 

đŸŒ± Dragonwell green tea is also rich in Vitamin C, amino acids, and other healthy substances that make it a good partner in the maintenance of health.

đŸŒ± Aids in weight loss.

đŸŒ± Rich antioxidant content.

đŸŒ±Â Helps to prevent cancer.

đŸŒ±Â Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

đŸŒ±Â Strengthens the immune system.

đŸŒ±Â Reduces stress.


Regular drinking is recommended for the best results.


The Dragon Well is located in the Fenghuang Mountain, the southwest of West lake. With green mountains, clear spring, verdant trees, and a quiet environment, it is a natural scenic spot with wild flavor in the West Lake Tourist Zone. The Dragon Well consists of Dragon well Village, Dragon Well Temple, and Dragon Well Tea.