Fruit Melange Mix (Blueberry)

Fruit Melange Mix (Blueberry)

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Fruit Melange Mix (Blueberry) - 120g


🌱Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple, Rose, Blueberry.

🌱This fruit tea uses 100% pure flower & fresh fruits, dried and mixed. It does not contain any caffeine, flavoring, coloring, or additives.

Health Benefits: 

🌱Regulate's bodily functions.

🌱Dissolves in infusion minerals and vitamins to supplement skin nutrition.

🌱The relaxation effect helps to remove tension and irritability, helps to restore physical and mental balance. 

🌱Immune Boosting energy elixir which invigorates and eliminates fatigue.

🌱Acts as a diuretic that helps the body with purification and detoxification.


Great for iced tea's and cold beverages as well as G&T Cocktails and garnishes.