Mandarin Pu-er Tea

Mandarin Pu-er Tea

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Mandarin Pu-erh Tea - 60g

Health Benefits: 

🌱Enhances immune function.

🌱Lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

🌱Increases HDL cholesterol levels. 

🌱Lowers blood pressure.

🌱Thins the blood which reduces the risk of heart attacks and Lowers the risk of strokes.

🌱Reduces the risk of cancer due to its ability to fight free radicals.

🌱Boosts longevity.  

🌱Aids digestion.

🌱Prevents dental cavities and fights against gingivitis. 


Pu-erh tea (pronounced POO-air) is the most oxidized form of tea, often aged, and sometimes very expensive. 

Due to the very rare process of compressing the tea into tea cakes or biscuits, Pu-erh tea has a very unique oxidation process which is said to be beneficial for blood cleansing and digestion.

The many foods that we eat may contain fatty oils, toxins, and chemicals that can toxify our body over time. Pu-erh tea helps cleanse the body and the blood from toxins and fight against free radicals.

Additionally, Pu-erh tea is fermented, so it can also introduce healthy probiotics or beneficial gut bacteria into your body. These probiotics may help improve your blood sugar control, which plays a key role in weight management and hunger cravings.

Unlike other teas, which get stale over time, pu-erh can mellow and improve with age like fine wine. Some pu-erh teas are more than 50 years old, and rare pu-erh teas sell for many thousands of dollars in Asian specialty stores.

Teatopia's Pu-erh tea is aged for 7 years and comes from the magical anxi mountains in China.