Valerian Root Tea (120g)

Valerian Root Tea (120g)

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Valerian Root Tea - 120g

Health Benefits: 

🌱 Has many antioxidants due to isovaleric and valeric acid found in the Valerian roots.

🌱 Improves sleep and acts as calmative agent.

🌱 Known to reduce OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), behaviours.

🌱 Reduces anxiety

🌱 Helpful for controlling hyperactivity

🌱 Decreases menopausal symptoms

🌱 Improving heart health

🌱 Known cure for restless leg syndrome

🌱 Effective in cancer therapy

🌱 Prevents dizziness

🌱 Helpful in treatment of drug addiction & alcoholism

🌱 Also used to treat anxiety in dogs and cats